Using an all-in-one messaging app is a real game-changer for productivity and keeping up with things.

This is obviously a tricky area to navigate, as in the past the networks have blocked third-party clients, but I think with the current anti-trust and regulatory environments this is actually something the big networks will appreciate: it maintains the same security as their clients, opens them up in a way consumers will love and is very user-centric, and because we’re committed to supporting all their features it can actually increase engagement and usage of their platforms.

I can relate to the feeling of wanting to have one inbox expressed in the video. Coincidentally, I've been playing with Delta Chat and by building on top of e-mail, some of the issues with the siloed platforms are alleviated. Also, e-mail isn't dead and despite some of its shortcomings, it's still broadly used to sign up and sign into platforms.

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