After acquiring Cron in 2022, Notion is bringing the calendar app fully into its all-in-one workspace.

The big new feature coming with the rebranding is Notion integration. If you or your company uses Notion, you’ll be able to create or link Notion documents inside a calendar invite. If you have a database filled with due dates, you can add that as a calendar to Notion Calendar. It sounds like a much better way to handle agendas and notes than sending them around before and after a meeting or hunting for them in your Slack. Putting everything in the calendar event is a good move.

This is one of the reasons I like org-mode in Emacs. Being able to annotate documents with timestamps and deadlines that show up and you can organize inside the Agenda view is so powerful. The integrations and learning curve is steeper compared to a tool like Notion but I find it simple and powerful enough for GTD-style workflows, I'd have a hard time moving. I have yet to use AnyType, so maybe after trying that, I choose to shift some of my workflows there.

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