Principle Mechanics

This section does not provide exhaustive coverage of how to implement IndieWeb functionality. Instead, I simply summarize five core primitives which I feel comprise an IndieWeb site. For a more official gauge on where a site scores within the IndieWeb spectrum, consider leveraging IndieMark!

Hosting: You need a place to host your site and store your content. There are a lot of great options out there. Ideally, choose one that allows you the ability to make some under-the-hood changes and does not limit your content portability.

Syndication: Share your content with the world! There are two preferred methods for syndication, PESOS and POSSE. This resource does a great job explaining both! For more examples of how this is done, check this and this out. RSS is a great starting point for helping others subscribe to new content on your site.

Writing: Though your site could simply serve as a more static point/identity on the web, with little to no “content” being regularly added, I recommend writing!

Interactivity: One of the more advanced concepts within the IndieWeb world, the ability to bake in native comments, replies, likes, etc is a greay way to build community. This interactivity helps mitigate reliance on centralized social networks for communication within Indie communities. One example of IndieWeb interactivity is Webmentions.

Identity: Make it unique, make it fun, make it yours. The corporate web is sterile and suffocating. Let’s bring back the whimsy of the old web.

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