I wasn't really planning on this, but here we are. I've been using Neofetch on my PC to display system information whenever the terminal opens. However, in some cases, that would hang and it would take a while before I was able to use my terminal.

I then ran into Nitch which is simple and fast. However, it was missing the local and public IP information Neofetch provides out of the box. Nitch is written using the Nim programming language. Originally, I had planned on extending Nitch and I figured out the code I needed to write to support IP information. However, my program wouldn't build and I was unable to find any information online to unblock myself.

That's when I looked at the existing components in Nitch and found that it was basically just reading files from the /proc and /etc system directories. At that point, I decided to see if I could build my own utility using F#. A couple of hours later and the result was Fitch. This works well enough for my needs and in the future, I might publish it as a dotnet global tool to make it easy for others to use.

Screeenshot of command line running Fitch F# System Utility

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