It's been a year since I created this feed and started posting mainly on my website. Since then, I've:

  • Used a shorter domain to redirect to my website domain.
  • Created VS Code snippets to simplify metadata tagging.
  • Used github.dev as the main interface for authoring and editing posts. For longer posts, I use VS Code locally but for these smaller microblog-style posts, github.dev makes it really easy.
  • Syndicated posts to Twitter and Mastodon.
  • Created a response feed for interactions like replies, reshares (repost), and likes (favorites) with support for sending Webmentions.
  • Created RSS feeds for each of my feeds.

It hasn't happened overnight. Instead, it's been the result of small incremental efforts over time.

Overall, I don't think I've posted any more or less than I do on other platforms.

What I have enjoyed the most though has been:

  • Learning.
  • Building the tools and processes to author and share content.
  • Owning my content. My website acts as the single source of truth.
  • Not requiring others to have or create accounts on individual platforms to access content.
  • Choosing how I author content. I'm sure this post is way over the 280 character limit and if there's a typo, I can just edit the post and republish the website 🙂

Going forward, I plan to:

  • Update RSS feeds to include post content, not just link to the post.
  • Accept Webmentions. I'm about halfway done with the main parts of my implementation.
  • Implement tags for easier discoverability / search.
  • Consolidate metadata for posts (articles, microblogs, responses).

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