Communicating effectively as an engineer means empathically increasing the resolution of your writing.

...“low-resolution writing”...There is very little context, too much reliance on pronouns and unclear references. The writing is not emphatic —the reader has to spend extra energy to work out what is being said

Longer-form writing gives you an opportunity to dive deeper into why you are saying what you are saying. It is a chance to educate, to teach, to help understand and to level up.

The quality of the API documentation will carry an astronomical amount of leverage. This leverage will work in both directions. Genuinely helpful documentation is the difference between being swamped by support requests from frustrated API users and significantly increasing the usage of your service. Happy users beget more happy users.

Spoken words get forgotten. Written words are shared, preserved, and become the basis of a company's culture. source

High resolution, empathic writing...You will have to spend more energy to make your writing easy to follow. You will have to grapple with your own confusion and holes in your understanding. You will have to figure out what the appropriate density for your writing is.

It's not about you, though.. It's about them.

Not only does a single recipient benefit from your extra effort, what if ten people read your good work? A hundred? A thousand? What if the company CEO reads it? Taking writing seriously at work or in your organisation and putting in the effort to delight the reader will, over time, compound into a massive body of quality writing that benefits everyone. It is a literal win-win-win

Produce writing you would read with delight if you were on the other end.

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