I was sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight and over the PA system, the usual "see something, say something" security announcements were going off.

Although I've heard these many times before, this time for some reason there's one that caught my attention and got me thinking. I don't remember the exact words, but basically the gist of it said something like, "If anyone asks you to check in baggage other than your own, do not accept it".

I barely even want to deal with my own bags. Why would I want to deal with someone else's bag?

I've been trying to visualize scenarios where:

  1. Someone would come up to you and ask you to check in THEIR luggage
  2. You would accept

Maybe in scenarios where you're traveling with friends or family? In the case of family, maybe someone doesn't have a carry-on and if there's an extra bag that's small enough to be considered carry-on they'll "claim" it as their carry-on to not pay the extra fees. Still though, that's not checking it in. I'm just having a hard time seeing it.

Putting this out there ahead of time - no, stranger, I will not check in your bag.

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