Apple unveiled their M3 family of chips and new devices.

First off, The Verge always does a great job covering and condensing these events into a short video.

Apple Scary Fast Event - The Verge

My initial impressions of the anouncement, this is why Apple wins.

I'm excited by the Snapdragon announcement last week. However, as I mentioned in my post, "the biggest miss from Qualcomm and Windows partners today was not having a lineup of devices ready for purchase".

That wasn't the case for Apple. Not only did they announce their new chips but they also announced devices which will be available as late as the end of November.

I understand Apple owns the entire process so they can align their chip and device announcements. However, Qualcomm brought out many partners on stage. Unless I missed it, I don't remember seeing any PC announcements that would be ready for purchase within the next 2-3 months.

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