I like to use my response feed to bookmark and reshare interesting content I find online. Typically my workflow looks like the following:

flowchart TD A["Scroll through feed reader"] --> B["Open articles I want to read in a new tab"] B --> C["Read articles"] C --> D["Create a response file to publish on my website"] D --> E["Capture interesting information from the article in the response file"] E --> F["Publish the response"]

The bottleneck I usually find is in the middle steps of creating a response file and capturing the relevant content. This usually happens as I'm reading the article. For a single file, it's not a big deal. Doing it for several can be time consuming, especially with the number of feeds I subscribe to.

There's a few things I think could help here:

  1. Create one response file and do a daily link dump.
  2. Create a browser extension or system where I can:
    1. Highlight text or content on a page
    2. Right-click or use a keyboard shortcut to create an entry for the content I highlighted
    3. Create an entry in a database somewhere which captures the URL of the page I'm looking at.
    4. I enter a few more details like the file name I want to use and response type
    5. When I'm done with my session, I can publish. This will use the database content to compose the content for my response and create a PR

The first option is simple but I don't like it because although most of the content I come across is tech related, I prefer having individual articles I can link to with their own tags to make it easier to build relationships.

The second option sounds complex, but it's basically a web highlighting tool. I know there's a few out there already so maybe worth checking out.

I'd prefer to build my own to tailor it specifically to what I want just like my website generator. However, it would mean that I'd have to spend some time thinking about how to implement it.

It'd be a fun project though. Maybe worthwhile experimenting with building an AI agent to help me use the content I captured to nicely format the response.

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